Birding Project

The Our Birds are Your Birds, Too Project is a collaboration between Colombian and American teachers, students, and schools in which science projects become the basis for cultural sharing. The birding project transcends the science classroom, as it provides opportunities for writing, drawing, and, for Colombian children, an opportunity to practice English. For more information on the Our Birds project, contact Patricia Galbreath.

A video from Nuri Penagos about the first connection with Environment for the Americas, showing the work her students prepared for an exchange with a school in Oregon.
And here is a post from Environment for the Americas about the student project exchange.

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Photos shared by John Schoch.

VimeoSSII SEMINARIO DE BIODIVERSIDAD, TERRITORIO Y SOCIEDAD“. Del 19 al 22 de septiembre de 2013, se llevó a cabo este importante encuentro en la bella ciudad de San José del Guaviare, denominada la Capital de la esperanza colombiana, ubicada al sur oriente de nuestro país Colombia.
Shared by Nury Penagos.
A LITTLE BIRD TO OUR FRIENDS 2013 YouTube video de Nuestras Aves EUM — Enjoy!
“A LITTLE BIRD TOLD ME” has a short presentation about our project, It prepared to our friends in Deland / Florida – United States.
We shared this video in the last trip to Florida of one member of Partners of the Abluelakewelcomemericas on April to this year 2013.
It was to the birds´ TEAM: students and teachers of Blue Lake Elementary School, talking about our FAVORITE birds we have had so close to our houses and classrooms.
Eduardo Umaña students talked in English about their favorite birds in the school. They showed their favorite pictures, their favorite places in the school and its beautiful sceneries, some bird´s sounds, their special comments to our friends that belong to fourth and fifth grade, as we are.A kid says: “We are so happy doing these activities with our teachers that allow us to continue learning and knowing new things about our birds and your favorite birds…” Thanks.During Gina Pezzano’s recent visit to Florida, we were able to visit Blue Lake ElementNuri_kidsary and hear about how the Our Birds Are Your Birds, Too project is coming along. Gina answered questions about Colombia and the kids showed us how they are using gardens and classroom activities to learn how our two continents are connected by the birds that migrate each year between Colombia and Florida.